The Church is founded

The Church is foundedWith Christ as our founder, men and women began to build a new community.

Many associate the Catholic Church with Rome, where our spiritual leader lives, the elected successors of St Peter the first Pope. Rome is the home of many sacred and treasured places for Catholics

But Rome was once a very dangerous place for the followers of Christ.

Persecution of Christians was a sport. Christianity presented a problem for a Roman empire that demanded divine honors for its rulers and despite aggressive persecution and ruthless atrocity, Christianity flourished. And through the centuries this has continued.

Today, Catholics number more than 1 billion and we are guided by all the Bishops of the Catholic Church in unity with the successor of St Peter, going back in an unbroken line to the apostles.

We have not always got it right - we have made mistakes. It is through God’s love that we have grown throughout the centuries. Reason and science have helped peel away superstitions and the Catholic Church has often been at the forefront of leading these advancements.

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