We are people of FAITH


We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Eliot -- "Little Gidding"


Our deepest questions are often the hardest to answer. What’s my life about? Where am I going? What can I expect? What do I really need to know?

Blessed John Paul II teaches us that the aspiration to know our meaning and purpose is in fact the aspiration at the heart of every human decision and action, the quiet searching and interior prompting which sets freedom in motion.

These questions are ultimately an appeal to the absolute good which attracts us and beckons us; it is the echo of a call from God who is the origin and goal of man's life.

Catholics believe that our purpose is to live and grow in love. We believe that our life here prepares us for life after death. The decisions we make ready us for eternal life with God.