Mary, Our Mother

Mary holding baby jesus

Our story is rooted in the great Jewish faith. God called on a young Israelite woman to help give the world the example of love through her son Jesus Christ.   

Despite Mary’s awareness of her nothingness before God, she was rich in faith and trusted without counting the cost.

Mary is the mother of our faith and a star for our lives. She has inspired and helped generations. For over 200 years millions of Australians have called her Our Help, Our Mother, Our Lady from the trenches of war to the family dinner table.

Artists from Michelangelo to Rembrandt have painted her, poets like T.S Elliot have tried to capture something of her in words, and musicians like the Beatles have called on her in times of trouble. 

JRR Tolkien, the great 20th Century author said that it is in Mary that "all my own small perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded."

JRR Tolkien

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