Josephite Community Aid

Formed in 1986 by a group of lay people and the support of the sisters of Saint Joseph, JCA is Josephite Community Aid, a group committed to aiding people who are poor and underprivileged  through the dedication of young volunteers.

"Every day we witness poverty that seems so unreal...families
sleeping on cold floors without money, beds, food or clothing.
We simply try to make a difference to their lives."

JCA is an invitation to young people to really live out a selfless  commitment to people who are poor and marginalised. It's about  action! JCA provides practical help to people who are struggling to help themselves. We aim to empower poorer people to become self supporting in their own lives.

JCA is unique. It brings together the exceptional talents and gifts of young people to meet the needs of the poor with real assistance and genuine giving. Not only does this connection give life to the people that JCA helps but it offers an outstanding opportunity for growth and leadership to the young people involved.

Many refugees and people with mental disabilities have come to know JCA through very simple things like a visit to their home, helping to cook a meal or being part of a weekend away. Experiences like these lift the spirits of new arrivals and lonely people who find comfort in the welcome, friendship and hospitality that is JCA.

JCA is independent and, therefore, relies totally on volunteers and the extremely generous support of our friends and benefactors who give so willingly to support our work.

Get involved

The work of JCA relies on volunteers. We work with real people in real need and these people really need your help. There are plenty of ways that you can lend a hand to those in need...full-time, part-time or in some way that suits your time and skills. It does require a sacrifice, but nothing like the sacrifices made by the people that we help!

JCA Coordinator Adrian Thompson: 0430 460 630

Monday, 22 April 2013 07:41