Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services

Our mission is shaped by our inheritance of the vision, courage and audacity of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier and the Good Shepherd tradition she began to improve the lives of women and girls.

Ours is a vision for promoting a world of justice and peaceful co-existence.

Ours is the courage to embrace wholeheartedly innovative and creative ways of enabling people of all cultural, religious and social backgrounds to enjoy the fullness of life, which is the right of every human being.

Ours is the inheritance to boldly challenge those structures and beliefs that disrespect human dignity.

We work to uphold the value of every human being, build up the communities that enable us all to thrive, and safeguard the integrity of the environment that guarantees both.

Our Purpose is to bring about positive change and increase hope for people and communities who are experiencing disadvantage, marginalisation and oppression. We will do this in innovative and bold ways to bring about the best outcomes for those we serve. We will identify future opportunities and gaps in services.

Our priority clients…We offer services without discrimination to address social and economic exclusion, especially to young people aged 9 – 25 years and their families.

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