Interesting and inspiring stories from recent news, including a number of wonderful examples of emphasising the common humanity of those living with a disability.

The NSW Government is seeking input on how we can improve homelessness services

The Victorian Government is planning a new, dramatic and draconian overreach in the running of faith-based organisations

Interesting and inspiring stories including two beautiful acts of mercy, the dangers of raising “gender neutral” children and more.

In 1941, Germany's Bishop von Galen preached a series of homilies about the war.  They are relevant to us today.

Tasmania's Attorney General has announced the government will review anti-discrimination laws.  But will the changes go far enough?

Thanks to a petition from the Australian-Chinese community, the NSW Parliament is set to debate Safe Schools.

Interesting and inspiring stories including a wonderful homily on the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel, a US court upholding the seal of confession and more.

Some things to consider about the recent allegations against Cardinal Pell

The NHMRC has proposed the use of IVF for "family balancing" purposes.

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