Today's hearing included additional data reporting, a panel on Catholic education and a panel on safeguarding.

Today's panels discussed ongoing formation of clergy and the provision of community services

Today's hearing featured a panel on current practices in seminary formation.

Today's hearing featured a panel on seminary formation, and included Bishop Tony Randazzo, Father John Chalmers, Father David Ranson and Dr Chris Geraghty, as well as Dr Gerardine Robinson.

The sole witness for today was Teresa Devlin, CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Today's hearing consisted of two panels: one dealing with Canon Law and Secrecy, and the other with the Sacrament of Confession

The Commission today heard from Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Professor Patrick Parkinson, Dr Maureen Patricia Cleary OAM, Peter Johnstone OAM and Father (Dr) Gerry O’Hanlon SJ.

Today, the Commission heard from Father Thomas Doyle OP, Dr Michelle Mulvihill, Professor Neil Ormerod and Father Francis Moloney

A summary of the Royal Commission proceedings for the first day of the Catholic 'wrap up,' including opening statements from Gail Furness SC and Francis Sullivan, and testimony from Fr Michael Whelan SM and Fr David Ranson

Important stories from recent weeks including an alarming euthanasia case, the March for Life and a threat to the freedom of conscience for UK medical professionals.

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