Was celibacy and confession really all that came out of this five-year report?

A brief update on the first day of Cardinal Pell's case.

Interesting and inspiring stories from recent weeks, including some wonderful acts of charity.

A look at Australia's attitudes to the East Africa Food Crisis show we have a knowledge gap...

Did Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg say Facebook was the new religion?  And was he right?

Unfortunately, the culture of eugenics and commerce-driven medicine in the UK means the next Charlie Gard will have the same fate.

News broke today that Cardinal George Pell is facing historic charges of sexual abuse.  This blog contains official statements from the Cardinal, Victoria Police, the Holy See and others.

Take two minutes to sign a petition, it's only fair!

So, the country is losing its religion.  We need to make sure we don't lose our minds (or our perspective) as a result.

Interesting news from recent weeks, including some very big wins on some very hard-fought issues.

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