Interesting news from recent weeks, including some very big wins on some very hard-fought issues.

What we know from the latest leak, and what happens next

Draft euthanasia legislation, supposedly the product of widespread consultation to ensure it is 'safe' has loopholes so big you can drive a truck (or a hearse!) through them

There is an alarming program finding its way into Catholic schools in Australia, and it has more than a bit in common with Safe Schools!

A lot of us are confused about 13 Reasons Why... the blog provides some thoughts

A seemingly innocuous new campaign from same-sex marriage activists has serious consequences for freedoms at work.

Important stories from recent weeks including some beautiful images coming out of Egypt, gender ideology in fairytales and more.

Act now to make your voice heard about abortion in NSW.

catholicTalk was invited by the ABC to talk Lent, women's ordination, bioethics and more!

There are aspects of the Royal Commission statistics which you won't read about in the news.

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