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Tell us again that euthanasia is safe...

A disturbing headline came up in my newsfeed this week.

The story involves an elderly woman who had expressed a desire from euthanasia when she determined that “the time was right.”  The elderly woman developed dementia, and was becoming increasingly anxious.  The senior doctor of the nursing home in which the woman was saying deemed that this meant that the “right” time had come, and so the doctor drugged her coffee to sedate her, and then prepared to give her a lethal injection.  When the woman awoke, and attempted to resist, the doctor had family members hold the patient down so that she could be killed.  After her death, it was heard that in her final days, the elderly woman kept repeating that she did not want to die, and that the doctor had determined to not tell her what was planned to avoid upsetting her.

The doctor was cleared of all wrongdoing, because she was deemed to be acting “in good faith.”

As we prepare for a debate about euthanasia in Victoria, it would be worth keeping this case in mind.

Scouts Australia to admit transgender boys to its ranks

In Australia and the United States this week, it was declared that membership of the Scouts will be open to boys, boys who identify as girls and girls who identify as boys (leaving girls who identify as girls as the only group not accepted.)  It follows on the back of a decision last year to allow transgender men to be Scout leaders.  In none of these cases will parents of other Scouts be notified.

The idea, it seems, is to make the Scouts more “relevant” to modern times.

The problem, however, is that a group which tries so hard to move with the times ends up becoming irrelevant.  The Scouts Australia promise reads:

On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God, and
To [the Queen of] Australia
To help other people, and
To live by the Scout Law.

The boys are invited to make a commitment to their duty to God, country and to others.  It will be interesting to see how the Scouts decision-makers are able to instil these values in their ranks, given that they themselves have capitulated from their own duties in order to serve the popular culture.

Further threats to conscience of UK pharmacists

It has been reported that proposed new guidelines from the General Pharmaceutical Council have dispensed with the right of pharmacists to conscientiously object to providing contraception, abortifacients and certain fertility treatments.  The existing guidelines will allow a pharmacist to decline to provide the drugs, provided they make a referral to another pharmacist who will (note: the requirement to refer is already an imposition on the rights to freedom of conscience), but the new ones will remove this protection if it compromises “patient-centred care.”

If implemented, these changes will take effect in May of this year.

The problem with these guidelines (and the ideology underpinning them) is that it creates a “right” which does not exist in any human rights instruments (in this case, the “right” to sexual activity without consequences) and prioritises it over actual, existing rights of conscience and religion.  Hopefully, the voices of people of faith will be amplified by the voices of all who believe in freedom, and the guidelines will be rejected.

British Medical Association seeks to replace “expectant mothers” with “pregnant people”

In another example of the British medical profession leadership bowing to popular whims, the British Medical Association has instructed its employees to replace the term “expectant mothers” with “pregnant people” so as to not offend transgender men who might also give birth to a child.

Medicine is supposed to have a scientific basis, and to ground itself in the truth of human biology.  Bending language (and possibly approach) to the whims of political correctness does not serve this end.

Donald Trump: March for Life participants say “the press doesn’t cover them”

It has long been a lament of organisers of the annual March for Life, which commemorates the decision of Roe v Wade (and the resultant legalisation of abortion across America) that the hundreds of thousands of people who show up for the pro-life demonstration, and who march in the middle of winter to give voice to the unborn, are ignored by the media.  Those who do cover it usually report it as a protest of a few thousand “anti-choice” people.

That all changed this year, when in an interview, US President Donald Trump called the media out for its deliberate silence:

At last check, there were 357,000 news articles online about this year’s march. 

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